Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Projo’s Mindlessness on Obama Care

I’m upset with the Providence Journal’s Editorial page today.  Maybe I have been like the proverbial frog in the pot on the stove when it comes to their editorializing, and have not yet noticed the water temperature rising to the boiling point, but I have always thought of the Projo as at least moderate to liberal, but not so way far off to the left.

The unsigned writer of this piece thinks Obama’s health plan is a panacea.  Haven’t they been listening to the debate?

On the on-line version, and as of this morning, there are two, excellent and cogent rebuttals from readers.  One making the point as to why there is a vulnerability in the House version that opens the door for coverage to illegal aliens.  To wit:

What the editorial fails to note (and the source of Mr. Wilson's outburst) is that there is no requirement to prove citizenship and there is no specific provision for enforcement. So the editorial presents a half-truth. In fact, several attempts were made to amend the bill to include these provisions and they amendments were dismissed out of hand….Put another way, the provisions currently in the bill are feel-good provisions with no teeth.

And another on Obama’s in-your-face approach to governing:

Obama's "my way or the highway" proposal that he shares with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid IS the problem. No thinking American isn't in favor of enhancing our healthcare. But the current "shove it down America's throat" attitude of the Obama Administration, and their "lip service" on bi-partisanship doesn't sit well with most Americans as recent opinion polls show.

The Projo just increased their home delivery subscription rate by 50%.  If they keep writing garbage like this, I’m gone.

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