Sunday, September 27, 2009

Iran This Time

Much is being made of the so-called “savvy” of the president in purportedly having known about a second Iranian nuclear site since January – not certain if that was handed off to him by the Bush administration or not – but also Obama’s keeping his cool to spring the revelation at the right place and time, that being at the United Nations conference of despots in Pittsburgh this week.  Supposedly, this was going to embarrass Iran into something.  Submission?

A good deal went into the planning of springing the revelation, including abandoning Poland and Eastern Europe from a prudent missile shield defense, so that the Russians would be willing to come along and play nasty with Iran.  And Russia has followed through for the time being.  Instead of being a steadfast backer of this criminal regime which kills its own freedom loving citizens, Russia is now waggling its finger at Iran too, at least for now.

But what will be achieved?  An editorial in the Washington Times which has been closely monitoring this news complains that Obama is acting more like a global community organizer than a badly needed beat cop.

We’ve been down similar rabbit holes before.

On Monday, the WSJ will mention how the president appreciates “teachable moments,” and how, at the UN, he preached on the prospects of an imaginary “world without [nuclear] weapons,” calling for more of the same, worthless arms control treaties that have never amounted to much, and all the while an enemy thumbs its nose at us and continues “proliferation.”

Standing together before the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh yesterday, Mr. Obama and the French and British leaders put on their game faces, calling for Iran to immediately admit IAEA inspectors. New deadlines were mentioned—talks with Tehran starting October 1, tougher sanctions by December, and so on. "Everything," said France's Nicolas Sarkozy, "must be put on the table now."

At least the French President tried to sound tough, which isn't hard when you stand next to Mr. Obama.

I don’t know where this lead, but I suspect it will not lead to disarming Iran.  It more likely will lead to a more violent end, and one not very favorable to the free Western nations.

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