Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let’s Pick our Fights

I had my apprehensions about conservative protestations of the president’s planned chat with school children.  I was afraid it was going to end up a no-win situation where the major MSN outlets (I just listened to NPR and the syrup was very thick) do their best to make conservatives look like kooks; and it looks like they be pulling it off.  In the mean time, hearing all the noise, the president had time to take the initiative to significantly dial down what he really wanted to say to the school kids today.  SO maybe not a total loss.

The complaints of the president’s chat is really an outgrowth of a welling up of the realization that Obama is not the moderate he led the masses to believe during his campaign.  That realization is being met with a wall of town hall protests, and now everything Obama says and does is being reviewed under a middle class, middle America microscope – and rightfully so.  As a result, there is a lot of legitimate skepticism of the president, his choices, actions and speeches.  We’re not fools.  Many of us noticed a consistency in the kind of regular acquaintances Obama has had.  We can now make a long list of radical left wing kooks – legitimate kooks – with whom he has a “what, me worry?” approach to introducing into his administration – or defending when they pull stunts like Professor Gates’.

My view is that there is no need to fight every fight, especially when an obvious trap can be set that reduces the credibility of the protestors.  If we conservatives play their cards right and come up with a viable candidate in 2012 (and I believe we can) – Obama can end up like Woodrow Wilson, an intellectual with excellent communicating skills who serves only one term as president.  And without our protestations, for the most part, the president acts on things nearly every day that makes that outcome a higher probability of reaching reality.  We have to “wait for it,” like a fine wine.

It is when we protest issues like his speaking to school kids, like a lot presidents have done before, that we lose credibility while he actually gains ground.

Since I am of the school that wants to boot out this radical left socialist who misrepresented himself in 2008, I don’t want to have anything get in the way of  spoiling our excellent chances to wave sayonara to him in 2012. 

Let’s do a better job at picking our fights.

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